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Online E-Learning/
Training System

Your own customized E-Learning platform.
Enterprise friendly E-Learning system

Train your people. Measure results. Drive growth.

Your content is your greatest asset.
Capture attention, increase engagement,
improve learning efficiency.
Boost usage, satisfaction and retention
for professional and compliance training,
continuing education, and employee/customer

Engaging and effective training

Engage learners with video, note-taking, e-books, self-assessment, certificates, and much more.

A variety of tests for different needs

Informal quizzes for self improvement, formal tests for performance measuring, assignments for critical thinking and certificates for verifying knowledge.

Question banks for improved management

Create pools of questions and connect them to multiple courses and tests. All you need for secure, randomized tests for continuing education (CE) and certification programs.

Branded Digitals Certificates

Design, develop and award your own personalized Digital Certificates!

Customized Online E-Learning/Training System Development

Starting from $10,000 USD (300,000 Baht)


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