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School Management

School Management System made simple! Easy to maintain and enhance managing process with great software platform.

Helps administration to collect, manage and analyze student information, access their data and monitor their academic progress.

Allows management of attendance, assessments & marking and grade reports.

Supports financial arrangement management, automated billing and online payments.

Streamlines communication between all stakeholders: students, teachers, parents and administrative staff, with dedicated web portal for any type of end-user.

School Management System

Construct the school from scratch with school profile, grades and classes, courses under each grade and a lot more.

Academic Year Support

Create school year and add terms and semesters with specific start and end dates

Schedule Management

Fully automated. Just select the courses and teachers for each class within specific sessions and you are done. Students will be provided their timetable in their portal views and teachers will also have their schedules.

Student Management

Enroll students with detailed profiles. Assign the students to specific school, grade, and class. Manage student record and transfer him/her to another class or even school.

Teacher Management

You can assign teacher to specific grade, class, and course and authorize the teacher to teach that specific course in that specific class. You can also authorize teachers to create and upload content for specific courses.

Assignment Management

Create as many assignments categories as you want. Each assignment category will contain the assignments that you need to grade, and each assignment category will have weight to determine the ratio for graded assignments under this category.

Attendance Management

Taking attendance has never been easier. All what the teachers need is just one click on the attendance button and the system will automatically search the teacher’s schedule on what exactly the session that he/she is teaching now.

School Calendar

Detailed calendar will automatically be created based on the year or grade terms with start and end dates along with the national holidays and days-off.

Student Portals

Get rid of papers, heavy books, and paper-based grading report and just get connected. Students now will be able to see their courses, course content, download e-books, check the course curriculum, review their lessons online, download any media files associated with the lesson and a lot more.

Upload Course Content

Your authorized teachers will be provided with the tools to upload the course e-books, divide the course into unites, create lessons under each unit, upload and manage all lesson’s files such as word documents, PDF documents, and audio or video media files.

Fees Management

Create Fees Types, build Fees Structures, manage Fees Payments, and report Fees Collections by fee, by receipt, or by student.

Human Resources

Human Resources Add Leave types, manage Employee leaves (paid or unpaid) annually or monthly. Add allowance types, deduction types. Apply allowances, deductions on all employees or specific employee.

Payroll Management

Manage payroll with payroll settings for working time and overtime formulas. Run payroll and automatically calculate salaries with basic, overtime, unpaid leaves, allowances and deductions and generate payroll monthly reports.

Staff Management

Staff Management Add or edit employees whether from teaching staff or admin staff, assign them to departments. Manage employee data their basic salaries and manage employee promotions.

Parents Portal

Parents Portal Parents can check their children’s progress via the grading reports, attendance reports. They can check, print assignments and download content.

Assignment Submission

Students will be able to submit their assignments online and the teachers will receive these assignments, grade them, and upload them to the system

Multiple Schools Support

Add and Administer group of schools under the same organization within one enterprise account.

Responsive System

Works on any devices whether smartphone, laptop, desktop or tablet devices.

Online Fee Payment

Provide students and parents the opportunity to pay fees online, at their convenience. Using our secure transaction platform is a quick and easy way to process all fees.


Students and parents can easily see records of transactions they’ve made to the institute.

Customized School Management System Development

Starting from $15,000 USD (450,000 Baht)


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