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Stock/Warehouse Management System

Design and develop management system solutions for monitoring inventory from inbound to outbound and optimize the warehouse management for all type of business.

Store Warehouse Management System

Why Stock/Warehouse Management System is important?

The best system should have the concise workflow and develop for practical use.
The important features of generating Stock/Warehouse Management System is to reduce the
chance of human error such as counting, calculating, notify the significant data, searching for historical data, and more.

Benefits of implementing Stock/Warehouse Management System

Warehouse System Design

Control process and reduce lost.

Inventory Management

Easier work processes, reduce cost, and increase productivity.

Order Fulfillment Management

Efficient real-time workflow status tracking.

Labor Management

Online documents are easy to access, store and search.

Tracking Capability

Predictive manufacturing time and inventory.

Analytics and Reporting

Better internal communication on every process.

Backups and Integration

Easy to extend additional modules and features.

Backups and Integration

Endless connectivity with 3rd party software integration via API.

Backups and Integration

Endless system customization, according to business requirement.

Warehouse management tools
Warehouse management tools can support and optimize warehouse functionality and distribution center management, as well as facilitate areas and activities such as daily planning, organizing, controlling and directing the utilization of available resources; moving and storing materials into, within, and out of a warehouse facility; and supporting staff in their warehouse roles, responsibilities, and performance.

Main Stock/Warehouse Management System Features

Responsive System Design

System interface supports all responsive screen sizes e.g. desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc.

Product Management

Manage product inventory such as category, brand, model, barcode/sku, images, description, cost and pricing, options, etc.

Stock/Warehouse Management

Manage stock, goods received for each product, and stock transfer in/out for each warehouse.

Branch Management

Ability to create warehouse branch when available for the business right away in the system.

Private Cloud Hosting

Selective cloud specification to suit capacity, performance and transactions, and scalable.

Endless Possibilities

Develop and custom new features according to your requirements, business objectives, and other special needs.

Who need this service?

  • Companies, startup or SMEs (with medium or large size of business) who seeking for an easy to use and scalable stock/warehouse management system that can be customized to meet business requirements.